Most popular windows & door styles 2019/20

Window Styles

If you’re renovating your current home, or you’ve picked a ‘fixer-upper’, you may be looking to replace all the current windows in your home.

Selecting windows that feel contemporary and fashionable helps to boost a property’s kerb appeal.

To better understand what will sell, it helps to look around at what is on the market at the moment and decide what would appeal the most in the home you’re working with.

Industrial chic

Industrial Windows

Slate grey and aluminium frames are all the rage when it comes to fixing up a property, particularly if the building has a somewhat industrial frame.

Single-pane windows are particularly good for creating this effect, as they create quite a stylish feel of uniformity. Casement windows, which open from just one side, are particularly popular for this style.

If the phrase ‘industrial’ feels a bit intimidating, remember it’s what you pair them with indoors that offsets the brutalist aesthetic.

Bi-fold doors

It seems the bi-fold door isn’t going anywhere. This type of patio door has created the ultimate solution for adding a feeling of space, which is incredibly appealing if you want to showcase your garden.

If you have a particularly old, large home then you can add up to eight glass panels, which creates a considerable feeling of openness. In fact, many bi-fold door installations have been used to create the illusion of a glass wall, which can then be opened out completely in the summer months.

Walnut doors

Walnut house door

For those who love deep and sultry shades, walnut is one of the best options to go for. Back in the 70s, pine was popular for its pale Sandi-feel, but nowadays, homeowners are far more prepared to experiment with richer colours. If the rest of your home is lightly-toned, for example, this might be the most preferable option.


Floor to Ceiling windows in London

This trend refers to both windows and doors, as you can create the effect with both. Many people who are redesigning their moderns homes are opting for glass windows and doors that fill the entire space between the ceiling and roof. This is particularly desirable for those in the countryside who have superb views to look out on.

Double-hung windows

Thanks to the affordability and adaptability of uPVC, you no longer have to rely on timber frames when it comes to double-hung windows. Many people will be familiar with sash windows, which are double-hung and are found in plenty of older properties. However, nowadays, this style of window can be used to add stylish flair to any room, and without the hassle of old mechanisms and ancient wooden frames.

The most important aspect to consider when purchasing new window styles is to ask yourself whether they suit the home they’re in. As well as being trendy, they need to fundamentally look right in the surrounding building; otherwise you could risk purchasing stylish windows for trends’ sake. However, getting it just right in terms of fashionable appeal could boost the value of your home. In circumstances where you can’t decide, sitting down with a professional to discuss your options is usually best.